Abortion Rescue: Baby Girl Miracle as a result of seeing and hearing Baby’s Heartbeat in 3D Ultrasound!

Published on, 29 Jul, 2015

10443503_1006176682742841_4551142403659511655_n  This is an update from my January 30th Blog: Baby’s Heartbeat in 3D Ultrasound

I am thrilled to announce this sweet young girl stood with her decision to carry her baby. It was unclear at the time if she would adopt or keep her baby. I am so proud to announce that she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl last week and has chosen to keep her!! Mommy feel in love with her baby girl early on and would post tweets about her love for this unborn child and how she couldn’t wait to see and hold her. She also named her early in her pregnancy. I can’t help but believe Her Baby’s Heartbeat in that floppy-eared bunny was a constant reminder that her baby girl was real! I am so very proud of her!! Please help me pray mommy and her baby girl will have a strong bond and be safe and healthy with family support. #ONELIFESAVED #MIRACLESSTILLHAPPEN