My Inspiration behind creating My Baby’s Debut

Published on, 01 Dec, 2014

As you can see, I have “a lot” of inspiration! ☺ These are my 8 grandchildren or gbabes as we like to call them. They are my heart. We divide them into two categories: the biggies and the little’s. Unfortunately, the 3 “biggies” do not live close and we only get to see them on special occasions, but we love them just the same. Matthew, Katie and Jessica belong to our son, Jason, and his wife Christina. The 5 “little’s” all live in the Boiling Springs Community so we see them quite often. Our son, Brandon, and his wife Blair, have 4 (2 boys: Bryson and Brodie and twin girls: Brynn and Bree). We affectionately refer to them as the “B’s Nest”. Our youngest son, Brent and his wife Courtney, have one little guy, Eli (the cheeser in the blue). So yes, we are VERY blessed!!

I was first introduced to the 3D/4D Ultrasound experience in 2008 when Bryson (in the yellow) was being wonderfully and perfectly made in his mommy’s womb. Our family was able to see him twice during her pregnancy and they were “God-filled moments” to see those precious little hands, feet and legs– long and skinny, like the Glover side of the family. And then in 2011 came Brodie (the little blonde in the blue). We experienced two 3D/4D Ultrasound sessions with Brodie as well. We were all so excited to find out the gender and to see if he looked like his big brother, Bryson – NO he did not. He was short and quite the chunky monkey! He was very much a wild child even in his mommy’s belly, nothing has changed! Then came little Eli, born in 2012 by this time we were all pros at picking out “things” on the 3D/4D Ultrasound. Eli’s gender determination was quite comical, he kept his legs crossed and “hid” the important stuff for quite some time. His mom and dad had given up on finding out the gender, so they came to the lobby and told us all to come on in the baby was being “shy”. Just as myself and his “Nina” (his other grandmother) walked into the room he “spread eagle” for the entire world to see and modesty has been out the window ever since then! We had a second visit with Eli that was a lot of fun as well. He had a BIG personality even before he was born!

Then we were blessed with fraternal twins! We were all SO excited to find out the gender, praying so hard for “at least” one girl in the midst of all the little’s madness! What a joyous occasion it was to see two perfectly forming little girls!! I was blessed to see several 3D/4D Ultrasounds with my daughter, Blair throughout the twins’ pregnancy. During her 28 week 3D/4D Ultrasound it was very obvious the girls were totally different. Baby A, was determined to be Brynn from the beginning, and had features just like her oldest brother Bryson. She had wild hair, long skinny legs and feet and her nose looked just like his. Baby B, was Bree, even in her mom’s belly she looked like her brother, Brodie. She had a wider nose, short, chubby little legs and peach fuzz for hair. The girls look just like their brothers but absolutely nothing alike, but yet growing inside their mommy at the same time! God’s little miracles.

Thanks for allowing me to share my little miracles with you! Carla Glover, Owner