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My Baby’s Debut is excited to offer moms, dads and family's unique opportunities to capture the miracle of their growing baby in 3D/4D/HD Live Ultrasound experiences throughout their pregnancy. We have partnered with to enhance your ultrasound experience by Livestreaming your Ultrasound Session so family that are not able to attend can watch from wherever they may be. Your video and all your pictures will be emailed to you immediately following the ultrasound session.

During the different stages of your pregnancy, you can expect to see the following:

8 to 13 weeks
Peace of Mind/Quick Peek Stage

At 6wks, your baby develops an audible heartbeat via a diagnostic transvaginal ultrasound only performed at your OB Office. Starting at 8 weeks your baby can be seen via an abdominal ultrasound. Your baby is very tiny and looks like a peanut. But you can visibly see the heart beating and the little one moving around. Each week your baby grows you can see more details. Around the 10 week mark your baby has developed arms and legs and by 13 weeks it is kicking and swinging its arms and legs. Gender parts are developing and getting ready for their reveal at 14 weeks.

14 to 21 weeks
Gender Determination Stage

Even though your baby will be skinny with skeletal features, this is normal at this stage. Your little one has not started forming fat. But gender parts have developed. This is a great stage for a heartbeat buddy and gender reveal items to share your happy news with friends and family! Secret Genders are welcome as well. We do ask if you are planning a secret gender to limit your guest to the significant other and your secret keeper. Your viewing time will be limited to see the baby’s profile and hearing the heartbeat so we may keep your SECRET! No worries with BabyFlix your WHOLE session will be recorded and sent to your secret keeper’s email! (This will be an important detail to give us at the time of scheduling your appointment.) Once you have had your gender reveal party, your secret keeper can forward your BabyFlix link to your email and you will have the video and all of your pictures as a keepsake!

22 to 27 weeks
Complete 3d/4d/HD

Your baby has started to form fat and starting to look more like your precious bundle of joy. This is a great time to capture hands and feet pictures, as well as face shots. Those heartbeat buddies are a great addition at this stage!

28 to 34 weeks
Deluxe 3d/4d/HD

Your baby should still have plenty of room and have formed enough fat for us to capture those adorable ultrasound images. This is the “perfect” time to get your chubby baby face shots! Don’t forget those heartbeat buddies!

35 plus weeks
Service choices at this stage are the Peace of Mind, or the Complete 3d/4d/HD

Your baby is now close to its birth weight and the space is tight within your belly. This time can be “iffy” on what all can be captured on ultrasound. The position of your baby will play a huge roll in the success of good images. We can still get great chubby images of the face, hands and feet, but a complete photo of your entire little one will not be possible due to your baby’s size.

He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them, “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:36-37 NIV

Sneak Peek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test at 8weeks for $139.

**Receive your results via email the next day**

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